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Frequently Asked Questions

Okay, so what is it that I can buy here?

Lovely lovely sweets!  Basically we’ve tried to keep things simple; you can buy 250g, 500g, 1000g and 1500g bags where you “pick and mix” in five, ten, twenty or thirty 50g increments, taking whatever you want from our Pick & Mix selection.  We try to maintain a solid 100 or so pick & mix options; these may vary from time to time as things may go out of stock or get dropped for something new – but the old favourites will generally always be there!  We also do jars, which work the same as the bags, in 500g, 1250g and 1750g options, these make great gifts and the jars are pretty handy for storage after the contents have been eaten.  Our “Cables, Pencils and Lollies” section works pretty much the same way; just pick what size container you’re after, then the flavours that you want, and we make up the order as per your request.  We are frequently adding other exotic confections in the “Tuck Shop” as well, keep checking back to see what’s in store!

What about allergies, gluten and whatnot? How do I find out if things are suitable for me?

Firstly, we are obliged to point out that all of our products are prepared in an area where traces of nuts and other allergens may be present. We are fully hygiene certified by our local council, however, so no fears there. If you want to know exactly what’s in each Pick & Mix sweet, you will find a little “i” symbol on each one, just put your mouse cursor over that and you will see exactly what’s in it, in terms of ingredients and allergens. We also have a section just for nutrition information. Sweets are also denoted as Vegan, Gluten-free, etc, and you can even use the filters to tell us that you only want to see sweets that meet your specific criteria, to make building your bag easier.  In the Tuck Shop, all items should have nutritional and ingredient information available, but if you have any queries then please get in touch and we will help as best we can!

How are your sweets packaged?

Our bags (which are of the resealable variety, naturally) or jars are boxed for shipment, so that they arrive with you in a pristine and tasty condition.  We do understand, however, that on occasion Royal Mail will drop a package down a mineshaft or reverse over it with a lorry; if this occurs and your order arrives with the proverbial stuffing knocked out of it, please take a photo and get in touch with us ([email protected]) so that we can resolve the matter for you as best we are able, thanks.  Please don’t just complain about it on social media without giving us the chance to rectify the problem first – it’s really annoying and you’re missing out!

Can I send the item as a gift?

Of course!  We can ship your order wherever, and to whomever, you like, just put the relevant information into the Shipping Info for the order and we will take care of the rest, you can even add a message.  Nothing is enclosed which denotes the order value so you can send something directly from us as a gift without that concern.  If you need to send goods to more than one address, you will have to place each part as a separate order, though, nothing we can do about that, sorry.

How much is postage on top of these prices?

We’ve tried to keep this nice and simple  For the things we sell, we charge £3.95 for Royal Mail Tracked 25-hour delivery, but if you buy over a certain value (and most people do) then we’ll knock that off anyway.  An alternative method (DPD) shipping can be added at checkout for a little extra – if you’ve bought enough to get the standard free shipping, you’ll only pay the difference between the two to upgrade, so no-one’s diddling you just because you want your sweets a bit quicker than the norm!

When will I receive my parcel?

We aim to ship any order placed with us by 2pm on the same day that the order is placed, Monday to Friday – with a 24-hour delivery as standard, you can probably do the maths on that.  Any orders placed with us over the weekend will ship on the Monday, so that should be with you on the Tuesday.  Remember that Bank Holidays are classed as part of a weekend, as Royal Mail do not collect on those days.  Please bear in mind that those aren’t guaranteed delivery dates; Royal Mail delays do happen, especially at those predictably busy times of year (Happy Christmas!), much as we would like to deliver all orders ourselves, best let the professionals do it.

What is your returns policy?

As pick & mix items are made to order, they aren’t something you can choose to send back to us as not required once it’s been received, sorry.  Not that we think you would want to anyway!  But please make sure that what you have in your basket is something you want before you complete your purchase, much easier for all concerned that way.  For Tuck Shop purchases, you can return things which are unopened and in New condition within 14 days of receipt, you can find the full Returns & Refunds policy here.

Can I make any changes to my order?

If you complete the checkout and realise you’ve made an error, best get in touch with us as swiftly as possible!  It may be possible to make a change on our system prior to the order being picked and packed; once that process is underway, however, an order cannot be altered – and we don’t hang about, so get in touch asap, please!  E-mail us at [email protected] and let us know your order number and what’s wrong.

Is it possible to cancel my order?

As with making changes to an order, yes it is possible to stop it completely but you will need to be fast to let us know; once an order is “in picking” then it can’t be stopped and you will be charged.  Just e-mail [email protected] giving us your order number and ask for it to be stopped.

What type of payment types do you accept?

Our website accepts VISA, Mastercard, Paypal, GooglePay, ApplePay, MicrosoftPay, and you can also use Klarna to spread payments (please see separate Klarna FAQ).  If you want to pay us in shiny buttons or a song about how we make you feel all warm inside, you’re welcome to e-mail [email protected] and try to convince us, but it’s going to depend on our mood.

Is my data secure with you?

We do not retain any form of payment information whatsoever; if you create an account with us it records your name and address and prior order information only.  If you elect to retain payment information on your account (for regular orders or subscriptions, etc) then that data is entered directly onto, and stored by, our payment partner; we do not retain this data on our own system, and our payment partner is naturally fully PCI-DSS compliant.  The SweetGenie website does, of course, have an SSL certificate, which shows that any data sent to us over the internet from you to us is encrypted.  No-one knows what sweets you’re buying except us, and we’re not telling.

How do I get in touch with you?

[email protected] is where we are at – drop us a line there for any issues, queries, requests, appeals, solicitations or demands.  You will find us quite personable; less so on Mondays.

What if my package arrives damaged?

If an order arrives with you damaged in any way, then please take a photo of it and drop us a line at [email protected] as soon as you can, so that we can take that up with Royal Mail.  We will be able to discuss the way forward with you at that time.  Similarly, if you have any issues with the contents of a package, do please let us know!  We wouldn’t like you thinking badly of us, get in touch and let us sort things out.  People complaining about us without giving us the chance to put things right makes us all hurty inside.

How long do I have to eat my order once it's delivered?

Anything which we send to you will have a “Best Before” in excess of two months away (excluding any special offer or clearance lines which we may occasionally have on hand, these are sold separately).  We always advise, for the perfect sweet-eating experience, that anything sent to you is consumed within 28 days of receipt, but who honestly keeps sweets around for that long anyway?

So, is it a “Bonbon” or a “Bon Bon”. Or a “Bon-Bon”?

Well, there are clearly three schools of thought on this, but only one of them is right, and it’s Our School, so there.  It’s Bonbon.  If you want definitive proof, composer Johan Strauss II wrote a waltz called “Weiner Bonbons” in 1866, and he was Austrian, so he ought to know.

How many of your Cables would it take to reach to the moon?

Ah, well, that’s just maths.  The moon is (on average, please don’t write in, we know it varies) 238,855 miles from Earth.  At 1.609 kilometres to the mile that’s 384,399.861 kilometres, or 384,399,861 metres.  Cables are 60cm long, or 1.666 Cables – of any flavour – per metre, so all in all it’s 640,410,168.4 Cables.  Please buy them from us and not any other sweet supplier if you were thinking of actually testing this out.

How many of your Kola Kubes would it take to reach the moon?


How many of your...

…please stop asking us things about the distance to the moon.  This was quite a serious FAQ until you got involved.