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Gluten-Free Pick and Mix Sweets

Gluten is the stuff that holds foods together, basically.  Think of it as edible food-glue.  Made from proteins found in wheat, barley, rye and similar crops, it’s very useful and all that but some folks can have a bad reaction to it.  Hence, we happen to have a range of pick & mix sweets without it, using some cunning food-glue alternative, available for you to purchase from our shop.    Select your size of bag (or bags) or jar (why not jars?) below, and you’ll be greeted with just our gluten free candy to create your pick & mix (you can still choose to change the selection criteria if you want).

Select a pouch or jar from below. The bigger you go, the more fillings you can choose!
Choose your own Pick & Mix fillings from our huge range - the only limit is your imagination (and the size you chose in step 1).
When your pouch or jar is full, add it to your cart (then maybe add a cheeky extra pouch for a friend) and pay online. We’ll take care of the rest!