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Halal Pick and Mix Sweets

Halal – an Arabic word which means “permissible” – is a prerequisite of Islamic dietary laws, very important if you are of that faith.  Whilst there’s a growing market for halal sweets, not too many pick and mix options are available in the online shop as of yet, but our range includes various options for your pouch that are halal approved Islamic sweets, and we are adding to the various tubs of halal certified sweets as they become available.  Estimates put the global halal food industry at well over $1 trillion; not sure how much of that is candy but it would some pretty big bags of confectionery to buy, for sure.  And we don’t want to think about the cost of delivery.

Select a pouch or jar from below. The bigger you go, the more fillings you can choose!
Choose your own Pick & Mix fillings from our huge range - the only limit is your imagination (and the size you chose in step 1).
When your pouch or jar is full, add it to your cart (then maybe add a cheeky extra pouch for a friend) and pay online. We’ll take care of the rest!