Pick Your Own

Sweet Genie Pick Your Own is all about doing it yourself –  only without having to do your own scooping.  Create your own pick and mix sweets bag the old-fashioned way (only using the internet and huge quantities of technology)!  You choose the package size, how many fillings you want, and which sweets you’ll get. We have over 140 different sweets to delight you; from Aniseed Balls to Wine Gums, Baby Dolphins to Terrific Turtles, Cola Bottles to Milk Bottles.  Each filling comes in 50g measures (but you can add the same filling several times), here’s how it all works:

Select a pouch or jar from below. The bigger you go, the more fillings you can choose!
Choose your own Pick & Mix fillings from our huge range - the only limit is your imagination (and the size you chose in step 1).
When your pouch or jar is full, add it to your cart (then maybe add a cheeky extra pouch for a friend) and pay online. We’ll take care of the rest!