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Vegetarian Pick and Mix Sweets

Eating healthily as a vegetarian doesn’t mean that you can’t chow down on some sweet and tasty candy.  Obviously we encourage it, it’s kind of the point of this online shop to get people to eat sweets, so we have a range of confections that meet (not meat, if you’ll pardon the terrible pun) the criteria, these are all suitable for vegetarians and gelatine-free, despite their bright colours and fruit flavoured awesomeness (except the fizzy cola bottles; those taste of cola).  Select your size of pouch or jar below, and you’ll be greeted with just our vegetarian sweets – gummy sweets, chocolate sweets, fizzy sweets, you name it – to make your pick & mix , make your purchase and we will handle delivery to your door!

Select a pouch or jar from below. The bigger you go, the more fillings you can choose!
Choose your own Pick & Mix fillings from our huge range - the only limit is your imagination (and the size you chose in step 1).
When your pouch or jar is full, add it to your cart (then maybe add a cheeky extra pouch for a friend) and pay online. We’ll take care of the rest!