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  • Halloween Mix

Sweet Genie is proud and also slightly petrified to bring you The Halloween Mix!

Forged in the pits of hell (Norfolk) by the Dark Lord himself (that would be Ben, if he’s at work today), this ghastly bag of hideous sweets (actually they’re rather nice) is perfect for Halloween.  Petrify your parents, appal your aunt, scare the pants off your gran with these creepy confections.  Small children will flee in terror, nuns will cross themselves, and the Archbishop of Canterbury will get a small chill down his spine any time the bag is opened.  Okay, not really, but you get the idea.

Includes: Pirate Skulls, Monsters, Witches Heads, Vampire Teeth, Jelly Snakes, Gummy Pumpkins, Fizzy Dracula Teeth, Sour Spiders, Jelly Filled Brains and Red Devils.

(Please note that sweets may be substituted if out of stock - replacements will still meet the relevant spooky criteria).

Earn up to 11 Points.

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