Known as the “Confectionery Clan”,  Buchanan’s is one of Britain’s most famous confectionery brands.  It’s not clear to us if they have their own tartan, so how much they are really a clan is uncertain at this time, but they are certainly very Scottish.  What we can tell you, however, is that they have been in existence since 1856 (the year, not four minutes to 7pm), which is aaaaages.  Other things which happened in 1856 were the first ever Oxford v Cambridge boat race, the end of the Crimean War and the invention of croquet.  Yes – we did have to look those up.

Very traditional as you might expect, but also bringing their own Scottish twist to some household favourites (see Iron Brew items), these high quality sweets make great gifts or are what we would certainly consider a classic “long car journey” option.