Coca Cola

Coca-Cola.  Coke.  Gosh, hard to know what to say here that people don't know already know.  So here are some potted facts that may or may not interest you.  One of them is made up.

The name comes from two of the original ingredients, coca leaves and kola nuts.  The formula is a closely guarded secret.  It was originally alcoholic, the formula was changed during prohibition.  The logo was created by the creator's accountant.  Coca-cola was the first ever sponsor of the Olympic Games.  Hugh Grant once dressed as a giant Coca-Cola bottle for a fancy dress party, with then-beau Liz Hurley going as a packet of cheese squares.  A Coca-Cola dispenser was installed on a space shuttle in 1995.  A line using “Coca-Cola” in Lola by The Kinks was re-recorded as “cherry cola” so the BBC would play it on air.

Did you spot the made-up one?