G FUEL is the energy drink which has to be in CAPITALS.  Very important.  It was designed for young, hip and trendy types, but also markets itself to players of eSports (that's competitive computer-gaming, if you didn't know) so also covers the meek and nerdy demographic – and we can say that because here at Sweet Genie we are pretty meek and nerdy ourselves, ask anyone.  Originally just sold as a powder that you made your own drink with, now it comes in a variety of forms and flavours, each of which is jam-packed with the stuff you need to keep you alert and on point, but without making you feel like a wreck later.  It's made by a company called Gamma Labs who are based in the superbly named West Babylon, New York. Looking at the map, it appears to be north of Babylon, but west of North Babylon.  Which in our opinion means it should be called North-West Babylon.  But there you go – we're not responsible for naming things.