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  • BUBS Mix

BUBS are so cool!  They're Swedish (cool), multi-coloured (cool), they're all vegan (cool) and many are skull-shaped (okay, that's just a bit weird).  Given their popularity, we'd be mad not to give them their own grab-bag - and we've never been accused of being mad, just eccentric.

Includes: Banana & Caramel Foams, Big Sour Skulls, Cool Cola Skulls, Cool Melon Foam Skulls, Ghosts, Mini Sour Foam Skulls, Raspberry & Blueberry Foams, Sour Foam Romb Tutti Frutti, Sour Octopuses, and Sour Raspberry & Lemon Foam Skulls.

(Please note that sweets may be substituted if out of stock - replacements will still meet the relevant criteria).

Earn up to 11 Points.

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