The Monster Beverage Corporation are an interesting one; they don’t advertise or promote their brand in the usual ways, they mainly sponsor sports and sporting competitors (things like UFC, the World Rally Championship, NASCAR for a time, quite a bit of eSports), and music artists and festivals and such (Iggy Azalea, Korn, Machine Gun Kelly and so on)

Very well known for suing companies or individuals for using the word “Monster”, the word “Beast”, or indeed the letter M, they’ve issued over a thousand trademark cases, including one against Monsta Pizza of Wendover, Buckinghamshire.  They lost that one; hard to argue that people wanting to order a pizza might get confused.

Also not up for argument is that there’s a Monster flavour out there for almost everyone, and if you need a bit of energy for any reason then a can of this will give you a good kick in the proverbial pants and send you on your way.