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Caught in two minds?  Frozen by indecision?  Not sure whether you want to go fizzy or not? Our Genie Mix contains both Fizzy & Non-Fizzy chewy sweets, classic favourites that everyone knows and loves and, as an added bonus, they are ALL Vegan-suitable.  So pick one (or three) up for a favourite nephew, the kindly neighbour who walks your dog, or just for yourself if you need perking up.  Go on, you deserve it.

Includes: Fizzy Cola Bottles, Giant Strawberries, Bubblegum Mermaids, Space Mix, Tongue Painters, BUBS Banana Mini Ovals, BUBS Sour Raspberry & Lemon Foams, BUBS Mini Sour Foam Skulls, BUBS Raspberry & Blueberry Foams and Fizzy Twin Cherries.

(Please note that sweets may be substituted if out of stock - replacements will still meet the relevant criteria).

Earn up to 11 Points.

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